3 Best Horseback Riding Tours in South Australia


Horseback Riding in Australia

Australia is well versed as a horse loving nation. The mere fact that the Australian Olympic Equestrian team won 9 gold medals clearly shows how much we love horses! However, not everyone is a skilled equestrian, right? For those who like horseback riding, but are not skilled enough, a horseback riding tour can do the trick. Oh wait, don’t get disheartened! Anyone can go to these tours after a stressful week at work, or during the summer holidays. A horseback riding tour might be the thing you need to unwind. Here are top 3 places around South Australia famous for offering horseback riding tours:

1. Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre- Sydney

Listed in the top must-do activities while in Sydney, The Centennial Parkland Equestrian Centre (CPEC) offers the best horseback riding tours in South Australia. It is located inside the Centennial park, conveniently located 5 minutes from the Sydney Harbor. Hundreds of people visit the CPEC daily, and it is totally justified. The Centennial Parkland is a fantastic place to visit with your family. The CPEC’s Horseback Riding Tour takes you all around the Parkland.

Horse Riding

P.s. if you’re not that experienced, CPEC also offers lessons!

2. Scenic Horse Riding Centre- Sydney

The Scenic Horse Riding Centre (SHRC) gives riders a touch of the classics. The SHRC is situated neatly around the farmlands of Denham Court. It is a suitable 45 minutes’ drive from the City Business District. The SHRC covers a 4 KM square farm, and has a wide variety of horses available for you to choose from.

Relive the life of our forefathers with the most authentic horse riding Sydney experience in NSW! Go visit the SHRC and relive your mind off the usual work stress- it’s high time!

The SHRC is immensely loved by visitors. Almost everyone who visited the place left with a happy face, which is obvious by the amazing 5/5 rating on social media.The SHRC also offers horseback riding lessons for learners as well as for experienced people along with pony rides!

3. Sydney Trail Riding Centre

The Sydney Trail Riding Centre (STRC) is known for its extremely knowledgeable guides, who play a huge role in ensuring a truly entertaining horseback riding for every visitor. The STRC is located at the Sydney Polo Club, which is a 1-hour drive from the City Business District.

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Besides, it is only a 5 minutes’ drive from Richmond.Here you get a vast variety of horses to pick from. These horses are great for beginners, occasional riders as well as experienced riders.

As for riding, the STRC has over 400 acres of land, and renders superintended trail rides throughout the centre. The property is filled with breathtaking sceneries and provides a traditional countryside riding experience.

The centre boasts contemporary facilities for its visitors, amongst the opportunity for riders to go through STRC’s safety prerequisites and familiarise themselves with their horses- an important bonding process!The STRC also offers lessons for both experienced and inexperienced riders.

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